Standard Terms and Conditions of Engagement

The following standard terms and conditions apply to all engagements.

NOTE: When you accept a quote for work from Pure English, you are accepting and agreeing to all these terms and conditions. This is referred to here as the "Agreement" and you are referred to as the "client".

Standard Terms and Conditions for All Engagements


  1. Pure English reserves the right to accept client engagements or not, without explanation
  2. This website defines the products and services offered by Pure English
  3. Clients must supply any desired style guidelines before Pure English provides a quote for the engagement
  4. Regular Reviews require a minimum of three review cycles to be eligible for the Regular Review service
  5. Post-editing advice is available for 30 days, free of charge, after the edited document is provided to the client
  6. Pure English, in its sole discretion, determines if the extent of post-editing changes requires a new engagement

    Fees, Charges and Payments

  7. Fees, charges, discounts and terms and conditions of engagement at any time are determined at the sole discretion of Pure English and are subject to change without notice
  8. The Pure English website specifies the current fees, charges, discounts and terms and conditions of engagement at any time
  9. Fees, charges and discounts are calculated separately for each scheduled review in a regular review engagement
  10. All fees, charges and discounts are stated in Australian dollars (AUD)
  11. Final fees are subject to the application of surcharges and discounts, as appropriate, and are due and payable immediately upon completion of the work performed by Pure English. For regular reviews, fees are due and payable immediately upon completion of each scheduled review
  12. Final fees must be paid in full before the edited documents will be delivered to the client
  13. Australian clients are charged an additional 10% on the final fee for GST
  14. Current exchange rates apply for engagements with clients outside Australia. The exchange rates used are those provided by OANDA and are applied at the time payment of the final fee is due
  15. For proofreading and editing engagements, fees, charges, discounts and terms and conditions of engagement applying when the engagement starts apply to the whole engagement
  16. For regular reviews, changes to fees, charges, discounts or terms and conditions of engagement apply to any ongoing engagements 60 days after these changes have been posted on the Pure English website. Clients with ongoing engagements that will be affected will be notified by email at the same time as the changes are posted to the website
  17. Credit cards (Mastercard and Visa only), direct deposit, BPay (in Australia only) and PayPal are accepted methods of payment
  18. Overdue invoices may incur an interest charge of 3% per month
  19. Invoices and receipts are provided by email
  20. Cancelled Orders

  21. An order exists as soon as the client accepts the quote provided by Pure English
  22. For orders cancelled before editing has begun, full payment of all fixed engagement fees is required
  23. For orders cancelled after editing has begun, full payment of all fees and charges is required
  24. Where a Regular Review engagement is cancelled by the client before three review cycles have been completed, the client must pay the average cost of the review cycles completed to date for each of the review cycles that are cancelled in the first three cycles. For example, if the engagement planned to have eight cycles but was cancelled after the first cycle, the cost of each of the next two cancelled cycles would be set to be the same as the cost of the first cycle and these two cancelled cycles would be paid as a penalty for not completing at least three review cycles
  25. Disclaimer

  26. While Pure English takes all reasonable care with the editing of documents, final responsibility for the meaning and use of all edited documents rests entirely with the client. Pure English and its editors expressly disclaim all liability for any loss, damage or injury resulting from the interpretation or use of edited documents
  27. Term of Agreement

  28. These standard terms and conditions of engagement and the Agreement entered into by the client when requesting a quote shall continue until such time as the editing work has been completed by Pure English and all outstanding fees and charges have been paid by the client
  29. Confidentiality

  30. Pure English shall maintain the confidentiality of client documents as detailed in the Pure English Privacy Policy
  31. This Agreement shall remain confidential between Pure English and the client and neither party shall be at liberty to disclose any of the information contained in this Agreement to any third party without the consent in writing of the other party
  32. Intellectual Property

  33. All works submitted to Pure English are the property of the legal owner of the materials submitted. All intellectual property rights for those materials and any edited versions of them remain with that owner unless a specific written agreement is made with Pure English to assign some of the rights to us
  34. Further Conditions

  35. This Agreement shall be read in conjunction with any specific or special conditions agreed upon in writing between Pure English and the client
  36. Governing Law

  37. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of the State of Queensland in Australia and Pure English and the client each submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Queensland Courts.

Terms and Conditions of Engagement Version 1.1 2010-08-29