What products and services from other suppliers does Pure English recommend?

Pure English has had the privilege of experiencing high-quality products and services from a number of suppliers that we would like to recommend, both in Australia and overseas.

Website Design and Marketing

The Pure English website was originally designed and made by Creative Concepts, now operating as Ingenious Studio. This small company is a one-man operation run by a superb designer and marketing professional.


When travelling overseas, we use Singapore Airlines or Thai Airways whenever possible. For domestic travel within Australia, we use Qantas.

Information Technology

For most of our IT requirements, we use Hewlett Packard (HP) equipment. For our networking requirements, we use Fritz! equipment from AVM.


Our sister companies in the Mizpah International Pty Ltd group are suppliers of fine products and services:

Note: We make the recommendations above genuinely and without any recompense or incentive in any form whatsoever from any supplier.